Targeted marketing for you.

With so many web sites online, getting yours noticed can be a full time job. For an affordable monthly fee, Shamwick Software can do this important job for you. We will help set your site up to maximize the impact it has on search engines, and then ensure that all the major search engines visit your site and catalogue it's contents.

Although search engine positioning is vitally important to the success of a web site, it is only one step towards promoting your site properly on the web. Here at Shamwick Software we actively help you find the most cost effective methods of promotion for your site, and if necessary, we can manage the campaign for you. From pay-per-click via affiliate schemes and banner advertising, or mailing lists, to online competitions, we have the experience to get customers to your site and to keep them coming back.

As each and every website is different, we don't quote marketing package prices for online marketing services. Instead we tailor a solution to meet you requirements, thus allowing us to achieve the best results possible for your budget.